Course Description

The 6-Week Intensive Section 3 course is perfect for students seeking to improve their performance on this rigorous section of the GAMSAT. The course will cover topics such as mechanics, organic chemistry, genetics, and biochemistry, among others. More importantly, it will help students build their understanding of scientific concepts, review key content areas, and develop effective test-taking strategies.

Enrol in our 6-Week Intensive Section 3 course to acquire the necessary skills and strategies to obtain optimal results on this section of the GAMSAT.

  • Week 1: Introduction (Scope of S3 topics + Assumed content knowledge + Question stem dissection) + Graphs (3-axis + 4-axis).
  • Week 2: Diagrams (Physics + Biochemistry + Complicated pathways).
  • Week 3: Equations (Maths + Physics + Chemistry).
  • Week 4: Reactions (Chemistry).
  • Week 5: Analysing Big Stems (How to interpret a hypothesis).
  • Week 6: Consolidation + Class Nominated Revision.