Helping one medical student at a time

Halad GAMSAT was established with the mission of guiding future medical professionals through their GAMSAT journey. Born out of the aspirations of medical students who have walked this path, we offer targeted GAMSAT preparation courses and services, creating a one-stop resource for your success.

Our vision - to make an impact

We aim to nurture not just successful medical practitioners, but also socially conscious ones. Our vision extends beyond GAMSAT preparation; we are committed to shaping future doctors and health professionals who understand and actively engage with health inequalities across the globe.

Making a difference - education for impact

Our impact is two-fold. As educators, we guide future doctors. As changemakers, we support the Halad to Health Foundation Philippines, providing mental health education and counselling services to rural Philippines’ disadvantaged communities.

Join us a volunteer on our next medical mission with Halad to Health. 


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Our mentors, all successful GAMSAT passers themselves, offer the insight and guidance you need to conquer GAMSAT.

Pravind Easwaran 

Mark Dowling

Amlan Chowdhury 

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GAMSAT courses

We know how much getting into Medicine/Dentistry means to you, we want to help get you there.

Wonderful and helpful team members. Very knowledgeable and understanding.

Alexia Wilson

I found them to be supportive in providing the essentials for GAMSAT study.

Timothy Ogier-Glover

If you are looking for where to start with the GAMSAT and are unsure about what it actually tests and how to go about content and test-taking strategies - it is a must to join Halad to Health. Cheaper, better and enjoyable!

Austin Swamy

I recently used the Halad to Health online essay marking service, and found it amazing! I was able to get consistent feedback on my essays, and steadily improve until I was consistently writing highly-scores pieces. Feedback was provided quickly and the recommendations were very thorough. Tutors were always happy to answer further questions by email. My S2 score jumped up from 64 to 77 between the March and September sittings, and I felt much more comfortable going into the September sitting.

Yotam Brotma

A great study resource and very easy to follow study courses.

Ray T. Mazhakata

They have been very helpful in providing me the foundations to my GAMSAT study and how to prepare for each sections with experienced medical students who share their knowledge and insight. 😃

Duc-Tri Bui

If you're like me and have done the gamsat a few times (cry) you will understand the frustration of doing the acer questions and already knowing what the correct answer is, because you've done the booklets repeatedly! Halad to Health mock exams gives you a fresh set of questions, extremely similar to the ones you will receive on gamsat test day. The marking is instant and the feedback is great, you can also print the booklet afterwards and repeat a few times! It is an excellent study tool, I highly recommend! 😃

Sinead Docherty