Course Description

At our Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Preparation Program, we offer virtual MMI circuits to simulate the online interviewing experience, which you can do anytime… anywhere.

There are 4 types of virtual circuits for: GEMSAS, Monash, Griffith, Notre Dame medical school interviewees.

You will be provided with a full circuit of MMI-style scenarios to the timing that each university uses. You will record and upload your response and receive personalised feedback on your submission, allowing you to practice your communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in a timed environment.

This is critical med school interview preparation; to be able to identify areas for improvement and develop greater confidence before excelling in the real interview. 


Online Format

Easily accessible online MMI format for both Virtual and Live Circuits.

MMI Tips and Strategies

Receive MMI tips and strategies from your examiners in your feedback.

Personalised Feedback and Guidance

In-depth feedback from our team of specialised MMI examiners. Both written and verbal (video) feedback are given to students.

What’s Included

Work through 2 hours of MMI practice and complete 5-8x different MMI stations for your university of choice:

  • Any GEMSAS University
  • Griffith University
  • Monash University
  • University of Notre Dame

Submit your MMI responses at any time according to your schedule.

After submitting your MMI responses, you will receive personalised feedback and guidance within 72 hours. Feedback will include: verbal (video) feedback and written feedback by each station examiner.

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