Course Description

Enrol in our 3-Week Headstarter Course to begin your GAMSAT preparation journey. This course is designed to be beginner-friendly and provides ample practice to expose students to GAMSAT-style content and questions, without requiring any prior GAMSAT content knowledge. The program is specifically tailored for first-time sitters, students without a science background, or anyone who wants to start their preparation early to build their confidence and familiarity with GAMSAT content. By the end of the course, you will have the skills and knowledge to independently tackle GAMSAT questions.

Our 3-week course is available for Section 1, 2 and/or 3 and available to students worldwide, with online classes to accommodate all GAMSAT sitters.


Each week, the Headstarter Course will cover:

Online Classes

18 hours of online class focused on GAMSAT exam preparation.

GAMSAT Exam Tips and Strategies

Learn fundamental tips and strategies to excel in the GAMSAT exam.

GAMSAT-Style Question Sets

Practice with question sets designed to simulate the format and difficulty level of the GAMSAT exam.

Pre-Class Activities and GAMSAT Questions

Engage in pre-class activities and work on GAMSAT-specific questions to enhance your understanding and readiness.

Post-Class Case Studies and GAMSAT Questions

Analyse post-class case studies and solve additional GAMSAT questions to reinforce your learning and problem-solving skills.

What’s Included

  • Total of 18 hours of online S1, S2 and S3 Classes
  • 3 classes per week, 2 hours each class
  • Interactive and dynamic classes that will encourage students to think critically and develop the key exam skills and strategies

  • Interactive lessons to help students develop a strong understanding of core concepts and to enhance their problem-solving abilities

  • Students will work through complex and authentic GAMSAT questions requiring them to draw from fundamental knowledge and content taught in classes

  • Access to exclusive mini-mock GAMSAT exams
  • Students can evaluate their exam skills in the early stages by utilising our carefully curated mini mock exams
  • Specially designed practice exams so students can identify areas of weakness and providing valuable insights for early improvement

Hear what our GAMSAT students have to say

Halad to Health’s GAMSAT Service was launched by Halad’s medicine students who were once in the position of almost all GAMSAT sitters… so we know how much getting into Medicine/Dentistry means and we know how to help others get there.