Course Description

The 6-Week Intensive Section 2 is an excellent way to prepare for this crucial section of the GAMSAT. The Section 2 essay task is designed to evaluate the candidate’s written communication skills, critical thinking ability, and capacity for effective argumentation. Our Section 2 tutors will help students develop these essential skills, providing personalised feedback and guidance on writing style, structure, and argumentation. The course will cover various essay prompts, including those that require analysis of complex issues. Through a combination of practice and feedback, students can gain the skills and confidence needed to excel on this section of the exam.

Enrol in our 6-Week Intensive Section 2 course to develop the essential skills and strategies required to achieve the best possible results.

  • Week 1: Intro week, setting expectations, myth busting, theme exploration, finding good examples
  • Week 2: Taking on feedback, prompt dissection, planning
  • Week 3: How to write an intro + idea generation + paragraph writing
  • Week 4: Structuring an essay + theme reflection/developing strong ideas + mini essay writing
  • Week 5: How to write a conclusion + Self reflection + peer feedback + essay writing
  • Week 6: Mind of the marker, extra tips + editing your essay