Course Description

The 6-Week Intensive Section 1 will help students prepare for this challenging section of the GAMSAT. This course will help students develop critical reading and analytical skills, as well as provide personalised strategies to approach the different types of questions that may appear on the exam. The course will cover various humanities and social science subjects, including philosophy, ethics, and literary analysis, and include practice questions and exercises to reinforce learning. With the help of a GAMSAT Section 1 tutor, students can feel more confident and better prepared to succeed on the exam.

Enrol in our 6-Week Intensive Section 1 course to effectively prepare for this demanding section of the GAMSAT exam.

  • Week 1: Introduction (Setting the perspective to view Section 1 logic) + Long Texts (Non-Fiction).
  • Week 2: Long Texts (Philosophy + Fiction).
  • Week 3: Cartoons/Images.
  • Week 4: Poetry.
  • Week 5: Proverbs.
  • Week 6: Consolidation + Class Nominated Revision.