Course Description

Our 3-Week Headstarter Section 2 Course ​​will guide students through the idea generation and essay-writing process, helping them to understand the structure and format of GAMSAT-style essays, as well as the key components required to achieve high scores. Students will receive extensive practice in writing essays on a range of topics, allowing them to build confidence and improve their writing skills. By the end of the course, students will be well-equipped to approach Section 2 with confidence and tackle essay prompts with ease.

  • Week 1: Idea Generation (Thematic example building + Structure of explaining your ideas + Thinking skills from grassroots stage)
  • Week 2: Effective Written Communication “The How” (Knowing how to say what you really mean + Letting go of the barriers)
  • Week 3: Writing Workshop “The Do” (Timed writing + Recap of structuring how to say what you really mean)