Course Description

At our Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Preparation Program, we offer two types of MMI practice to provide you with real-life practice opportunities.

Firstly, we have Virtual Circuits, which allows you to complete an online circuit and upload your response anytime. With this option, you’ll be provided with a range of MMI-style scenarios to respond to and receive feedback on your responses, allowing you to practice your communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in a timed and pressured environment.

Additionally, we offer Live MMI Circuits with our MMI examiners, which includes live mock MMI rounds available for both GEMSAS and non-GEMSAS universities. With this option, you’ll get to experience a realistic MMI interview scenario and receive valuable feedback on your performance, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and develop greater confidence in your abilities.

For both options, our experienced MMI examiners will provide personalised feedback and guidance to help you improve your performance and excel in your upcoming MMI interview.


Online Format

Easily accessible online MMI format for both Virtual and Live Circuits.

MMI Tips and Strategies

Receive MMI tips and strategies from your examiners in your feedback and at the cohort review.

Personalised Feedback and Guidance

In-depth feedback from our team of specialised MMI examiners. Both written and verbal (video) feedback are given to students.

Cohort Performance and Comparison

See how you rank and perform against the rest of your cohort sitting the exact same MMI.

What’s Included

Sit a live MMI circuit and complete 8x different MMI stations for your university of choice (GEMSAS or MONASH).

After sitting your MMI circuit, you will immediately receive personalised verbal feedback and guidance on how you went. After 72 hours of your MMI sitting, you will receive written feedback by each station examiner.

A live cohort review where you can see how you performed against other students who sat the same MMI circuit. Tutors will talk through difficult stations and provide tips and advice on how to excel in your upcoming interview. Students will also receive an opportunity to ask questions.

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